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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Author´s note: Some of the words are mine, but most are either paraphrased or taken word-for-word from the Eddas. Whispers are in parentheses.

Hail to the Kindreds!                    Hail Kindreds.mp3   (You can read and listen simultaneously)

Hail to you and your kin!
Hail to the Kindreds!
(by the will of Valfather)

Hail to thee, Heathen!
(I know one thing that never dies)

All Hail to thy going!
All Hail to thy coming!
All hail to thee, hence and hither.
(Well I know where thy eye is hidden)

The land was lifted aloft by Bur's sons,
who made Midgard. The matchless Earth.
(Out of Ymir's flesh the Earth was formed.)

I know an Ash tree that stands, called Yggdrasil.
A tall tree sprinkled with white mud.
Thence come the dews that run into the valleys.
Forever it stands, over the Well of Urth.

Hail Aesir! Hail Asynjur!
Hail all the holy gods!
Hail the sons and daughters of Rig!

Up rose Odin, oldest of Gods,
and on Sleipnir the saddle laid.
To the Netherworld he rode, to Niflhel dark.
(What did Odin whisper into the ear of his son,
ere Baldr on bale was laid?)

(Frigg still weeps in Fensalir)

Loudly blows Heimdall. The horn is aloft.
(Odin is speaking with Mim's head.)

Mimir drinks mead each day from the pledge of Valfather.

On unsown acres the ears will grow.
All ill grow better.
Baldr then will come.

(by the will of Valfather)

Hail and ever uphold the Raven Banner of Asgard!
(by the will of Valfather)

© Tyler Reed

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