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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hermes and His Priest

laughs and beckons,
dancing, leaping over walls.

"We’re not supposed to be here,”
I stammer in my fear.

“Why not?” you smile
and walk me deeper into Forbidden.
“I forgive every sin
you think you ever did.
The only real sin is staying home
and never braving the Road.
Only cowards and sheep
follow all the rules.
Desire, my friend,
and follow where it leads.”

“But isn’t Desire
the source of suffering?”

“And joy.
Is pain too high a price
to pay for ecstasy, for life?
These are gifts, my priest,
my son, as is your time on earth.
Do not spend your days hating
your mortal life in anticipation
of paradise. I will tell you
a secret only mystics, madmen,
and whores know:
You are in paradise now.”

“Then lead me deeper, Holy God,
teach me trespass and let me
see it all.”

Hermes smiled a trickster’s smile,
pointed kerykeon past the sign
that said DO NOT.
“That way.”

© Jim Wise

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