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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


All the Gods

Oathed to Frey
And touched by Odin
An interesting mix
My life surely is
Yet all the gods
I do know well
I know Thor
whose might
So easily swells
I know Uller who guards
The oath-ring true
I know Var and Vor
For they watch our oaths too
I know Freyja the lady
And the disir so fair
I know Skathi
the snow-bringer
I know Sif and her hair
I know Eir the healer
Of Baldur’s dreams
Do I know
I know the silent one Frigg
And all who orlog know
I know Loki the shapeshifter
I know Heimdall the watcher
Of all the gods
I have a tale to tell...

© Jeff Wolf


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