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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




There is a place
                 that is
invisible to most of us.

The only way to enter
            is to walk the rainbow.

There you´ll find that the
mountains still have souls
and the trees voices.

There are the glorious palaces
                      of forgotten times.
There you drink the magic brew
sweetened with honey dew.
               Soothes the soul.
Opens the eye.

There is the place where
the Gods play with their powers.

These are the Gods of elemental nature.
                        Mirrors of our desires.

And you dream of
dwelling there forever and ever
                 until one day you realize
that you have always been there
and nowhere else.

© Birgitta Jonsdottir    Womb of Creation

Image: "Harpe de lumiere", photo of crepuscular rays
in sprinkler spray at a park in France.
© Georges Noblet. This file is licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

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