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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Poem for my Gods

Be at ease my Heart
for the Gods are on your side
Always, as you sit at ease
always as you travel far and wide

Be at peace my Heart
for They are always near
always when you call to them
and they come to banish fear

Be brave my Heart
dread does not suit a Heathen heart
what will they think
so for now don't fall apart

Be light my heart
and with beating free and strong
now as I work
and attempt to sing a song

think on, my Heart,
yes as you skip a beat
there will come a day when we
Two of us will sleep

Do not care my Heart
be peaceful and content
nothing now should give you
worry and discontent

THAT DAY, my heart,
when by the Gods we are received
we will smile as we are sleeping
and our enemies are deceived

This night my heart,
if haply we do not wake
The Gods will greet us then
and up into their Arms will take


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