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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Baldr's Temple

A temple we have built for Baldr god of light
the alter there in is Valgrindr hight
Wherein lies Baldr's altar; the floor is wrought of stone
but inlaid in the rock is a helm of awe of bone
Burning are the recels, pounding is the beat
Looks down upon us Alfather from his high seat
Blot upon that altar singing three times eight
sing runes 'til wide open swings the darkened gate
Frigga too is weaping hot wet tears of joy
her children's children's children welcome her dear boy
Up from Hel now chant we Odin's golden son
Walks he here among us, Hella's guest is come
Soon now is the time when in grass the gods find gold
and sing the mighty runes the powers from of old

Troy Wisehart  aka Wodhanazson 

Falcon Kindred
        Regin Herjar

Image: Giovanni Caselli, used with permission.




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