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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Blue Eye Shine

Allfatherís eye in Uncleís well.
Brilliant blue - the Old Manís pledging.
Drinks the jotun of this ransom,
As dawning Sunna glancing glances.
Rays of brilliance bend through water.
Flashing fire golden glinting.
To the depths, the hidden depths,
Seeks reflection deep submerged.
Scooped the vision of His seeing,
Watery the line of sight.
Old god from youngerís pledge is drinking,
Reflected bright by Sunna light.
Ocular insert, wisdomís seeming.
Seeming, gleaming, glint to know.
Swiftly flying Sunna shining,
Shining rays into below.
Iris blue regarding outward,
In reflection ray doth show.
Well for thinking.
Horn for drinking.
Eye reflecting, shine directing.
Mimirís water Wisdomís letting.
Inspiration, memories racing,
Deepest thoughts are chasing chasing.
In the well all things are altered.
Seeing seeming things sublime.
And in the well His eye is gleaming.
Gleaming, seeming, biding time.

© 1/3/2012 Jackie Rae Hannigan aka Crowfuzz

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