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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

On the uphill struggle faced by modern heithinn to balance a modern 
world of shadows with a past that seems ever more solid in our mind's eye.

Lost in the maze of the winnowing world
scrolls of the mind lay soft unfurled
the gait and the tramp of modern day life
spared the vivacious sting of strife

A world locked up from everyone's view
secret, secreted from all but a few
never to casually lift the shield
exposed to the heart life's arrows wield

Blow the great horn, let the call go wide
Wavering churls, at last choose your side
So stand beside me in Frith, or before me in fear
I'll smile full wide should you dance on my spear

Vigrid is wide, stand where you like
Go hide in a hole, go drown in a vik
When the Gjallarhorn wakes and finally blows
I'll know who are my brothers, and who are my foes.

Matthias Wilson

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