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The Valkyries´ Counting Song    Counting Song MP3 (0,5 MB)   
                                                Sheet music

One is for the World Tree, standing straight and tall,
One is Earth our mother, who gives food for all,

Nine Worlds upon the Tree abide,
Nine by nine the Valkyries ride.

Two´s for Freyr and Freya, when they together lie,
Two is for the goats who pull Thor through the sky, Chorus

Three is for the High One, the Next High and the Third
Three are the holy Nornir, who ward the well of Wyrd, Chorus

Four dwarves of the directions Midgard do uphold,
Four the dwarves who forged Brisingamen of old, Chorus

Five the clever fingers upon the war-god´s hand,
Five the trees of power that grow upon the land, Chorus

Six things in the fetter by which the Wolf was bound,
Six rays of transformation in Hagalaz are found, Chorus

Seven shining gods in splendor rule the days,
Seven rays of radiance from Bifrost do blaze, Chorus

Eight the airs of heaven from which the winds do blow,
Eight legs has the stallion on which Odin does go, Chorus

Nine days and nights Allfather did hang upon the Tree,
Nine mothers had fair Heimdall who lived upon the sea, Chorus

© Copyright Music and Lyrics: Diana L. Paxson

Diana is member of The Troth and Gyðja of the seidh group Hrafnar.

Performance and © soundfile Michaela Macha.

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