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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Do Not Forget...

The mourners´ wail deafens the birds
shrouded figures move to and fro
the shouts of the wounded cry skyward
red slurry carpets the ground

The valkyr have gone and the chosen departed
what is left lies wretched in the field
peasant and bonder, mighty but not deemed heroes
history's forgotten children

The friends of the skald come from the woods
Wolf and Raven rush forth to feed
No poem records the rending of this feast
the tearing and pecking too macabre to recite

Swords gleam not, but are bent
spears shake not, but lie broken
banners flutter, neither golden nor bright
but lie blood stained as death shrouds

The living kings boast
and the dead heroes feast
but a sad troop marches the road to Hel
the forgotten ones, unlit by glory

© Matthias Wilson

Image: "Göttedämmerung" by Ekwall.

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