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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Svadi the Giant was visiting Jotunheim,
He came to see an old Friend,
His name was Jarn,
They both had much to drink one night.

As the night wore on,
Jarn asked Svadi, Didn't you once say that you were the son of Thor?
Svadi looking Jarn in the eyes, said yes,
I do believe I told you that.

Why is it that you mention it Jarn? Asked Svadi,
You know of Queen Eagle-Beak? said Jarn,
Yes I know of her, said Svadi,
Well she has a daughter named Skin-Beak, Jarn said.

Well it is said that once Eagle-Beak called on your father to come and help her,
Because her older sister's use to beat her all the time,
Well anyway a lot of things happened,
Thor had slept with Eagle -Beak,
And soon she had a child.

Svadi said, So your telling me that I have a sister here in Jotunheim?
Yes, said Jarn, that's what I am saying,
She was also cursed, said Jarn,
By who? asked Svadi,
Her Aunts had cursed any sister,
Saying that if anyone had a child by Thor it would
not grow and thrive in life.

Svadi was not sure what to make of what his old friend Jarn had told him,
He hardly knew his father,
much less his brother's Magni and Modi and his sister Thrud.

Svadi wanted to know if the stories were true or not,
So the next day,
He decided to set out to Queen Eagle-Beak's Palace.

What business do you have at the Queen's Palace? asked the guard,
My name is Svadi,
And I have come to see my sister, Svadi said,
Just who do you claim as your sister? said the guard,
I have not seen your face here before,
What is her name? said the guard.

Her name in Skin-Beak,
Daughter of Queen Eagle-Beak, said Svadi
The guard beginning to laugh, said surely you jest friend?
Is it true that it is said that Skin-Beak is a daughter of Thor? said Svadi,
Yes it is, said the guard,
Well the Mighty Thunderer is also my father, said Svadi.

The guard was about to say something,
When he was interrupted,
Skin-Beak who had just returned a from to trip into town,
Is this true? asked Skin-Beak looking at Svadi's bright Red Hair,
It is my Lady, said Svadi.

Skin-Beak and Svadi spoke a long time that day,
They soon became the best of friends,
And called each other Sister and Brother.

One day Svadi asked Skin-Beak,
Have you seen much of our Father?
He has come for a few visits, said Skin-Beak,
How about you, have you seen much at all? asked Skin-Beak
Father came and saw my mother many times when I was a kid,
But I have not seen him in years.

I have an idea, said Svadi,
We should journey to Thrudvang and reclaim our place in Our Father's life,
And to seek his love,
Yes we should, said Skin-Beak,
Do you think he will accept us?

Family is Family,
Blood is Blood, Svadi said
Let us go and discuss this with your Mother,
And we can leave as soon as possible for Thrudvang.

Skin-Beak and Svadi left the palace early the next day,
Leaving Jotunheim behind for Midgard and then to Asgard,
They travelled across Midgard until they reached the Rainbow Bridge Bifrost.

What is your business here, asked Heimdall
I am called Svadi and this lady here next to me is my sister Skin-Beak, said
We have both journeyed from Jotunheim across Midgard,
To come and Claim our place in our father's life and to seek his love.

Well I can see by your hair alone,
That you not the All-Father's children, said Heimdall laughing,
But that of Asa-Thor himself.
I will send word to Thrudvang of your arrival.

Soon Svadi and Skin-Beak saw a rider come riding down Bifrost,
Hail! I am your Sister Thrud,
Daughter of Thor and Sif,
My Lady, I am Svadi your brother, said Svadi
And I am your sister Skin-Beak, said Skin-Beak.

Follow me, I will lead you into Thrudvang,
At the gates of Bilskirnir,
They were greeted by their Step-Mother Sif,
And their Brothers Magni and Modi.

Come children let's eat, said Sif
After they all had eaten,
Sif said, I can see what you say about being children of my husband is true,
You both look so much like him.
They then talked late into the day.

Later when Thor came home,
Walking into the room that Sif and the children were sitting in,
He froze in his tracks,
Sif said, as she was standing,
My Husband,
Your son Svadi and your daughter Skin-Beak have come to see you.
Svadi and Skin-Beak rise and walk to their father,
Father, my sister and I have come to claim our place in your life and to seek
your love.

Thor giving them both a hug,
Said, I have waiting a long time for you two to come,
I did not wish to interfere with your lives,
But now that you seek me,
You are welcome,
And you have my love, said Thor.

Robert Etter 2007

Author of "A Devotional: Honoring Thor and Family" and "Thor, Midgard's Veurr, and the Fylgja",
Both together in one book:
Thor, God Of The Common Man

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