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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Freya's Cat

Cherished by many a restless heart, misunderstood by many more
Branded in scarlet, a stray, a harlot
A reckless gypsy, wandering on the whims of gentle winds
Illusive as the ancient secrets, she leaves behind in the eaves of forgotten shadows
Merciless in her ability to soften the hardest hearts of the strongest of men
Unrelenting in her silent mission, to test the mettle of men ere they are chosen

She is a muse, a seeress, a Valkyrie, somehow held together by light strands of silk
And the tender approbations of all of those who love and admire her,
Yet ever capable of igniting the most vehement of passions
In the meekest of thralls and outlaws
Ever destined to reweave the wyrd of all whose bed she graces.
She holds a mystical knack for seeing men not only as they are,
…but also as they could be
Catching their lost dreams; and breathing fire one again into their tired souls
Stamping her graceful footprint indiscriminately on the doorsteps
Of all those worthy of her affections,
Without hesitation, reservation, or regret

She approaches shamelessly, with the sweet bouquet of orange blossom and honeysuckle
Alighting on their mattresses like a quiet mist upon the lonely hillside
Hers claws sinking gingerly into their shoulders with restless anticipation
Her curious little tail slithering against their loins, like soft linen around their virility
As she sprawls out against their forms, stretching sultry legs around eager waists
Soaking their spirits with feral explosions of wet desire
Igniting their masculinity with light little sighs, and infectious purring

She eagerly concedes to the quiet strength of only the most valiant of heroes
Her restlessness subsiding, as she absorbs the primordial energy
Emanating from tired limbs,
Delighting in the expansion of every breath, and the light collapse of each release
Rewarding her fondest with rosy blushing upon her breast
And a satisfied sigh as she collapses exhausted against their chests
Upon mattresses soaked with perspiration and secreted adoration
Her memory forever lingering with the fresh scent of sage and rosemary
…for she dare not be forgotten

More honest than any creature in infinity, her purr is always genuine,
…yet her purr is always shared,
Offered freely to all those strong enough to accept it
Purring where e’re she’s needed,
Purring where e’re she is loved
Purring where e’re the frozen need a warm respite,
From the icy blasts of Ymir’s brood

There are those rare moments when she transforms herself,
When her teasing tail subsides and her whiskers give way to soft feathers,
When her jet black fur gives in to snowy down,
Her claws become wings as she nestles on her own quiet branch of the eternal ash
Seeking shelter herself in the warm arms of an adoring fool
The fiery huntress yields to something fragile and timid within her own tattered spirit
A yearning that no conquest among the reeds or the savannah could ever fulfill
It is during these delicate moments, that her lonely heart betrays her
……For she only coos for me.

© Dennis Echternach Jr.

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