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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Homecoming (The Claiming, Part II)

I know the conflict within you
Fire and ice, rage and passion
My sons can never be wholly satisfied
But they can be whole.

This passion is my greatest gift to you.

Othala has always been with you
Now I carve Ingwaz upon your chest
It is your life's blood that reddens the rune
Know that this is the key to our bond

I will give you wisdom, but you must seek it
I will give you strength, but you must struggle
I will give you courage, but you must battle fear
I have given you legs, now stand and walk!

Alfheim welcomes, but it is you that must enter

Your own life is my gift to you
Your deeds are now blót to me
You are finally home, my son
Take your place in my hall

© Wayne Earl

Image: Emil Doepler d. J. (1855-1922)

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