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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Invocation                        Poetic Form: Ljóđaháttr (Song Meter)

Invoking the aid of Odin our father
And Bragi the bard-god, the brew of dwarves,
Poetry we pour, the potent drink.
Quaff now this cup of Kvasir´s blood.
Remember the roving Rider of Yggdrasil
Stole the stuff to bestow on men.
The gallows-god in Gunlod´s bed
Won the wondrous winde of bards,
And in form of feather flew with the gift,
The magical mead that men might sing!
Give thanks for the gift to Gauta-Tyr,
And raise now the praise of the Raven-god!


© Paul Edwin Zimmmer 
(1943-17 October 1997)


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