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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Love Letter
Itīs the first rhythm of the very start,
Ginnungagapīs primeval quaking,
when fire met ice and everything was shaking,
that echoes still within your bones and heart.
It is the sparkling of the stars on high,
those fires always present, night or day,
unseen or seen – forever faithful they,
whose twinkle is reflected in your eye.
A part of Ranīs and Aegirīs endless sea,
which carries humans safely and devours,
which with the moon returns eternally,
is the same water that your eyes will pour.
The wind which in the mountain heights will seethe,
the life-breeze Odin gifted to Askīs form,
which gently blow and rages as a storm,
it is the selfsame wind which you now breathe.
Feel, see, experience, hear!
You are never alone.
For they have been within you and with you
from the beginning of time.
Đ Original: "Liebesbrief", Mooncraft 2004
Đ Translation: M.Macha 2008