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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Mentors of Mind/Body
Hail to Holy Heimdall!  Guardian God of All Kin,
Warder of Bifrost Bridge--Bond-Path Betwixt Gods and Men.
The Sire of Sacred Symbols and Rune-Master of Might,
Ay and Anon Galdor-God--Thine Own Shall Seek Rig's Light.
Maker of Mankind--Kon's Kindred of Warriors and Kings,
Ever shall Har's Voice be Heard--Resounding as it Rings!
Hail to Heidh! Seeress with Sight of Wise Olden Ways,
Abiding by Well and Tree--She Wards Past/Present Days.
Changed by Ken's Thrice-flame to the Mother of Ice-Will,
Maid/Mother Could Cast Spells--With Passion and Precise Skill.
Kvasir-Bond Held Strong--Shall Never Sunder Nor Sever,
All Wicked/Wise Shall Welcome Heidh--Anon and Ever!
Hail to Loki!  King of Chaos with a Fool's Effect,
Sex and Shape Ve-Shifter--He Rightly Deserves Respect,
Satire is Loki's Shield and Wile Ways His Cunning Cloak,
All to Guard His Glory--Buried Beaneath Jest and Joke.
Laughter is His Lantern--As Revelry is His Rod,
All Seek to Secret Him--The Glorious Golden-God!
Hail to Gullveig! Sensual Seith-Maid Greedy for Gold,
The Sovereign Seeker--Thus the Beautiful and Bold.
Thrice Burnt and Borne Forth from the <Ken-Flames of Howling Birth,
<Ken-Torch of the Carnal--Ever Our <Ken-Bride of Earth.
Anon Loki's Magical Mate--Ay He Holds Her Heart,
Their Moon-Mad Way Bore Ur-Wolves--The Two Shall Never Part!
Mystic Minds, Bodily Blessings, Ur-Sense and Sight,
Heimdall, Heidh, Loki, Gullveig--Praise We Fain Will Plight!
Mentors Who Mold Us To Be Unfettered and Free,
Within Urth's Sacred Well--Within Har's Holy Tree!
The Four from Life to Life--Our Center, Core and Key,
Mentors of Mind/Body--Shall Bide and Ever Be!

© Rhonda Turner

By author´s special permission, may be freely shared for private, non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact and this copyright notice is included.

Anon--The archaic meaning of at once or forthwith.
Ken--Referring to the < Kenaz rune--the Torch--6th rune of the Elder Futhark.  A rune that can be used toward a willed result as well as being associated with passion, lust, and sexual love.
Kon--Jarl's youngest son, "Konr ungr"--"Kon the Young" from which the Norse derived "Konungr" or King.
Kvasir--Shaped from the spittle of the Aesir and Vanir as a truce and a bond between the two divine tribes.  Poetic mead is made from Kvasir's blood.
Rig--Or Rigr, probably from the Irish word for King.  In the Rigsthula Heimdall begets three sons on Earth--Thrall (servant), Karl (free farmer), and Jarl.  When Jarl is grown Rig returns to teach him runes as well as ways to attain great deeds.
Ur--A prefix meaning primal
Ve--Holy, Old Norse for "sacred enclosure" that which is is separate from the mundane plane.

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