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A cold lump of iron,
Cast into the flames of the skillful Dwarves.

Brokk tending to the bellows,
Shaped by the talented hands of Sindri.

Mighty Mjolnir born,
Despite the stinging gad-fly.

Gifted to Asa-Thor,
Before the Gods on the day of judgment.

Bane of Jotuns.
Bane of Trolls.

Protector of the Gods and Men.
Sacred Hallower blessing all.

Symbol of our Troth.
May you ever remain in our hearts.

Robert Etter Nov. 2006

Author of "A Devotional: Honoring Thor and Family" and "Thor, Midgard's Veurr, and the Fylgja",
Both together in one book:
Thor, God Of The Common Man


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