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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Norse Mythology & Grocery Shopping

I try to tell the story
about Thor in drag
when he took his hammer,
Mjollnir, back from the giants.

Every time Iíd get to the part
about how The Thunderer
wore a ladyís dress, in his cart
escorted by Loki as his guard,

this man would cut me off.
Clearly, he didnít understand
how one as virile as Thor
could pass for Freya.

Most people canít think
logically, giants drink a lot.
Swill down enough hooch
and youíll see odd things, too.

So, Iím in the supermarket
with Thor pushing my cart.
People gawk. He really does have
hair of copper beaten into bronze.

Or maybe itís the big hammer
he has slung over his shoulder.
The ultimate fighter, only more.
We talk about pre-packed salads.

Leaning against a produce table
this dark-haired man stares at me.
He is tight like a gymnast, his lips
curve in a wry smile, when his eyes

change from green to blue to gold
I know him. Loki. A man like that
is nothing but trouble. Worse, he is a god
with a wolf & snake for children.

© Karen Emanuelson

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