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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Praise Poem for Thor

Here is one who will testify
To the Might and the Heart of Thor-
With the Hammer are fears laid low;
Hung from a rafter, joys flourish therein.

Amid storms' wrath, or else on treacherous road
Safe passage is got, by invoking him once.
Here is the fellow, matched wits with Alviss:
It was the undoing of that brazen Dwarf.

Here, too, the bane of countless Etins;
One who fears not to fish for the Wyrm!
Which will first still that serpent's thrashing--?
Mjollnir, or the flame in Redbeard's eye?

No lasting shame was got in Utgard--
Veils of magick alone but hid the Truth.
Even the King of that land could not:
Who then denies it? Thor's might is unmatched.

Bless hearth and home, hallow bride, inhabit Oak--
Make tearful the widows of Jotunheim!

© Eadsawl


Image: © Analemma McKee Burrows
Stained glass original, available at Analemma´s Glass Art

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