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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Prayer to Frigga

Frigga fair Goddess, who knows and says not,
Watch, ward and endow the humblest of hearths.

In this season of cold, fierce & biting,
faint warmth is found to bring cheer to any.

No splendor is there to grace pale grey walls.
No spruce twigs nor holly wait to be hung

Fear waits in corners and under the floors
Bare are the larders, vacant the cellars

Hunger and cold, the ancient companions, 
Stand on the steps and knock at the doors

Hope now fares far away from such dwellings.
Forgotten is mercy, justice and peace.

Thoughtless, unseeing their "betters" pass by.
Smug in the wealth won at other's expense.

Frigga fair Goddess, who knows and says not
Teach humankind to remember our kin.

Laurel Mendes

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