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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The black depths of the Well,
The chill embrace of its dark waters,
The Sight that no one wants and all men fear,
The knowledge that becomes a gaping chasm,
Separating the seer from kith and kin,
This You promised me, Odin.

The sweetness of the Mead,
The intoxication of golden honey,
The gift of inspiration teetering on the edge of madness,
The song of fire in the soul and spirit,
Threatening to burst all reason asunder,
This You promised me, Odin.

The torment of the Tree,
The hunger, the thirst, unending pain,
The symbols burned into flesh, blood, brain,
The secrets that have torn screams from a God,
Sacrificing comfort for candor,
This You promised me, Odin.

The terror of the storm,
The shrieking winds and cold, driving rain,
The madness of the Hunt, laying waste to all in its path,
The wild, fierce joy of the wolf,
Howling to herald the birth of life in death,
This You promised me, Odin.

The loneliness of the wanderer,
The isolation of the outcast,
The one who sells stories for food and drink,
The vagabond who earns his place by the fire,
Spinning tales to entrap the foolish and educate the wise,
This You promised me, Odin.

The warmth of Your embrace,
The electric thrill of Your arms around me,
The ecstasy of Your kiss that kills doubt and fear,
The sacrifice of body, heart, soul and mind,
Bright as spilled blood, on the altar of Your love,
This You promised me, Odin.

And the sanctuary I have found in Your arms
Is worth many times the trials and the tears,
The sweetness worth the sacrifices,
The tenderness worth every last torment.
My soul is mead for Your horn, Beloved,
My spirit bread to sate Your hunger.
Drink deep of me and I will be Your comfort;
All of the life, joy, light and hope within me
Is Yours to feast upon, to bring You strength.
This I promise You, Odin.

Laure Lynch     Gate of the Slain     Odhroerir Fellowship

Author of Odhroerir: Nine Devotional Tales of Odin's Journeys
and Water from the Well And Other Wyrd Tales of Odin

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