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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



At first Roskva was afraid
To leave her Mother and Father,
But her parent told her:

You have your brother,
And Thor is kind at heart,
So you will be allright.

Roskva wished she was still
With her parents,
Whom she missed,
And loved very much.

Her brother Thjalfi seemed
Very excited and happy,
To be on an adventure with Thor,
But Roskva felt that she did not fit in.

Before her brother, Thor and Loki
Set off to Utgard Loki's,
Thor stopped of at a small farmstead,
Asking a farmer and his wife
To look after Roskva.

They were nice people,
And she began to like them.

Upon their return,
Thor had Thjalfi stay with the farmer,
Telling them that he would return soon,
And to take of his foster-children.

One day when Roskva,
And her brother Thjalfi
Had thought that Thor
Had forgotten to come for them,
Thor did come for them:

I am sorry that I left
You here for so long.
My head was so messed up,
That my wife Sif had convinced me
To take a little time off and rest,
So we had taken a little trip.
You will soon meet her,
I hope you like to love her
As a mother.

Thor stayed the night with them,
And the farmer and his wife;
Early the next day,
They left for Thrudheim.

Roskva and Thjalfi
Were a little disappointed,
When Thor told them that
He could not cross the bridge,
But would have to wade through
The rivers, a couple of rivers,
To get to Asgard's gates,
And on to Thrudheim.

Upon their arrival,
Roskva thought Thrudheim
Was massive in size,
But very beautiful as well.

In the court yard,
Thor called out for his wife.
Soon a beautiful lady came
With light colored skin,
Eyes the color of the sky,
And her hair was golden in color.
It reminded Roskva of the fields
Of wheat corn her father raised.

Well what have we got here? asked Sif,
You said you had to go and get
Something you left behind.

Thor, kinda at a loss for words, said,
Well uh,
Well I uh,
They are my,
Are my new foster-children.
This is Roskva and her brother Thjalfi.

Nice to meet you the both of you,
Come and let´s feed you,
Then we will show you were your rooms are.

Sif turning to Thor, said you have some explaining to do,
So Thor explained what had happened
At their farmer parents´.
That's all well and fine,
But you should have told me, chided Sif.

Roskva soon found that
She loved staying in Thrudheim;
She really liked Sif.

So when her brother went on a trip
With their new foster-father Thor,
She stayed at Thrudheim with Sif.

© Robert Etter

Author of "A Devotional: Honoring Thor and Family" and "Thor, Midgard's Veurr, and the Fylgja",
Both together in one book:
Thor, God Of The Common Man

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