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Sea Goddess Passion                Poetic form: Ljóðaháttr (Song Meter)

I kneel waiting watchful, knees wet with sea-waves
Thirsty and dazed in a dream
All joints shore-craving, every shudder in longing
Salt-kissed you lie soft in the sand
Expecting ecstatic, eyes on me but closed
Warm showers spray soft with each breath
Jutting rocks grip, the gushing green surf
Bursts stream and still-spray about
Exhalation is stopped, need stretched and pleading
Unable to stem tide and turn
Mjollnir strikes far, makes dim roar-echoes
Shadows swim the cascading clouds
Pleading with time, to pour forth in hurry
Surf blooms with force bold to the shore

With falcon wings spread, splayed far from your form
You restless under wet rainbow sun
Spray plashes lips, and settles your skin
And droplets drip smooth and dream-subtle
A golden necklace caresses, glittering pure and long flowing
Blinding in the breathless sea-breeze
With arms stretched above, and offerings lifted
Rivulets flow across Freya’s craft-glory

Waves arise higher, and heaves might and tidal
Welling in shaking flood-shore
Silence bears down, before bringing deluge
Then quickens and crashes and flows
Rain drenches complete, and I drown in wet blaze
Roiling sea brilliance blinds
Your hair long shining, heart-shields break
Your eyes bind endless to mine
Then I act and breathe quick, and all around swims
I waft fingers through waves in the firm
Accepting and drawn, I immerse in your dream
Bounty sensual from slow hill and valley
Shivers course sinews, and showers massage
Before waves fold over all forms
Ebb and tide rise and fall, in fire-sea floes
Not churning but slowly swell-pouring

Sea wends and swirls, warm whorls come ‘round
I breathe in the sea and salt spirits
It flows through me fast, so fluid and graceful
Spirit, soul, and sense become one
The tide-dance gives deeper, and goes further down
One yields to another in turn
Floating through glistening, I give you my freedom
While on fierce sea floor I take yours
Each pays tribute, and tresses heart sounds
With trust sure surrendered and found
Then time ceases cycle, and simmers still hotter
‘Till each pins the other’s pride down

And after a century, from the sea I emerge
To sigh kneeling on the Sea Goddess shore
In pounding pulse floating, and faintly descending
I live just a little time more

© Erik Goodwyn, 8/2010

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