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~ Heathen Stories and New Myths ~


Skin-Beak's Curse

It had been a few years now since,
Skin-Beak had made the journey,
From Jotunheim to Asgard,
To visit her Father Thor.

After a time,
Skin-Beak had begun to really miss her Mother,
And her home in Jotunheim.

One night while Skin-Beak,
And family her had gathered for dinner,
Skin-Beak asked, Father?
Yes my Daughter, said Thor.

Skin-Beak said, I have been thinking of visiting Mother,
When do you think you might wish to leave? Said Thor,
I hope to leave soon, said Skin-Beak,
Then it is settled, said Thor,
I will escort you to see your Mother.

Dad! said Skin-Beak in surprise,
What? said Thor,
What's wrong with me taking you?
Well, said Skin-Beak,
If you take me,
And the people at home find out,
They will run and hide,
And their shall be on one willing to visit with.

I guess your right about that, said Thor a little hurt,
But in that case I will stay here in Thrudheim,
At least take one of your brother's, said Thor.

Thrud stood up and said,
I will go with her,
Then it is settled, said Thor,
Ski-Beak then turned to Thrud,
And said, In the morning,
Let us prepare for our journey.

The next morning when they awoke,
Skin-Beak and Thrud packed what they needed,
After saying their goodbyes,
They started upon their journey to Jotunheim.

It did not take to long before,
Skin-Beak and Thrud arrived in Jotunheim,
Along the way Skin-Beak had started to feel ill,
But she kept to herself.

When they had reached Queen Eagle-Beak's Palace,
The queen came out to greet her daughter,
Skin-Beak dismounted from her steed,
And walked up to hug her Mother,
Skin-Beak passed out in her arms,
And fell limp.

Everyone was shocked at what just happened,
It is alright,
It is only the curse her Aunts placed on her before she was born,
Lets get her inside.

A little later the Queen had came out of Skin-Beak's room,
How is she doing? asked Thrud,
She is resting now, said the Queen,
What is wrong with her? asked Thrud,
The Queen explained to Thrud about the curse.

Is there anyway to help her? asked Thrud,
There is no magic in Jotunheim,
That I am aware of,
That can cure her, said the Queen.

I will ride back home to Asgard,
And see if anyone,
Might be able to help, said Thrud.

Thrud had rode long and hard back to Asgard,
Once she passed the gates,
She went straight to see her Mother Sif,
As she came riding into Bilskirnir,
Thrud yelled, Sif! Sif,
What's the matter? asked her Mother.

Skin-Beak has become very ill,
And she collapsed when we go to Eagle-Beak's,
Did she say what was wrong with her? asked Sif,
She had told me that it was a curse,
That makes her grow shorter and weaker.

Thrud explained to her Mother,
About how the curse was placed on Skin-Beak,
Soon they left to go to Fensalir,
To see the Frigga.

When they arrived at Fensalir,
They had told Frigga what was going on,
With her Grand Daugther Skin-Beak.

Frigga at once sent for her Handmaiden Eir,
She is the Best of Healers among the Aesir,
Frigga then sent a messenger to tell Odin,
And she also sent a messenger to summon Lady Freyja.

It was not long before Odin was off to Jotunheim,
Riding on his Eight-Legged Steed Sleipnir,
To bring Skin-Beak back to Asgard.

Skin-Beak was soon brought to Fensalir,
She was made comfortable,
While Eir started to work.

In a few days Skin-Beak was regaining her strength,
And was able to sit up in bed,
And Lady Freyja with her Seidh Magic,
Was able to break the curse,
That Skin-Beak's Aunts had placed on her.

Robert Etter

Author of "A Devotional: Honoring Thor and Family" and "Thor, Midgard's Veurr, and the Fylgja",
Both together in one book:
Thor, God Of The Common Man

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