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Tale of the Anti-Hero

Who is this Loki: trickster, thief?
He does not always stay to fight,
the glorious, ever celebrated battle.
Brave, true and fearless? No, he runs.

Or flies, shifting into many forms,
many lives, a man who is sometimes
female. He is the God of mothers;
a mother, too, of wondrous Sleipnir,

silver, eight-legged stallion. Loki’s foal.
Swiftest of all, of any horse, ever after.
Praise to Loki, God of mischief, chaos
and lies. All stories are lies…even this.

Patron of Storytellers, Loki sits with Arapaho,
helping to spin their tales of Coyote, their trickster.
How he is always going along, and even killed,
Coyote goes along. He is the regenerating God.

One story leads into another,
another story, another life, always.
The stories change, framed in same.
The God is born again, and shifts.

Loki embodies the midnight sun,
born of fire and ice. His dark hair curls
like smoke from campfires where stories
are conceived; light fighting off dark.

His eyes shift from green to blue,
from red to yellow, seething lava.
Loki’s children include the world serpent
and Fenrir, the wolf who destroys.

Loki is fast, strong and deadly.
He can kill with a word.
A skilled warrior, he exchanges
his axe and sword for his harp.

Lover of many women who are wives
of others, Loki loves life, loves women.
He has been a woman, too. He knows
the pain, the ebb and flow. The moon.

He is beautiful in face and form,
this dark-haired God with the changeling eyes. 
Midnight sun burns, light shines through, 
hints of red flash from his hair.

He is the father of Storytellers
and Loki is the mother of tales.
His journeys are adventures…or not.
Some are songs which are stories.

Lies and truth.

© Karen Emanuelson

Image: Ragnarok by ~spanielf: This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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