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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Thjalfi woke with a start,
Dripping with sweat from his dream.
My, how frightening Thor
Was on that morning,
After discovering that Tanngrisnir
Had developed a limp,
Not long after
Thor brought them back to life.

Thjalfi remembered how pale
His father had been,
His father not knowing what to do,
Nor knowing what to say,
To ease Thor's anger.

Finally Thjalfi's father,
Came up with the idea,
Of giving his sister Roskva and himself as servants,
To Thor in compensation.

How could I have let Loki trick me so, said Thjalfi,
Now I know I can never trust anything he says.

Pulling on his pants,
Thjalfi had a smile on his face,
Knowing that all was well,
Because Thor pulled him aside,
And told him:

Don't worry too much my son,
I was angry that it happened, yes,
But it can be fixed.

You see,
When I wave my Hammer,
Over the remains of my goats,
I have a certain way,
I say things that brings them back.

And me not knowing that a bone was broken,
And the marrow was sucked out,
I could not heal it then.

But let us wait
Until tomorrow morning,
And see if we can make things
A little less painful for Tanngrisnir.

Early the next morning,
Thor gathered up the remains
Of both his goats.

Standing over the bones,
And the hides,
Thor waved his hammer over them.

Uttering under his breath,
Marrow to Marrow,
Bone to Bone,
Flesh to Flesh,
Now be whole,
My Goats.

With a flash of light,
And a clap of Thunder,
Thor's goats stood once more,
Ready to pull his chariot.

Thjalfi never did
See Tanngrisnir limp again.
A good thing too,
As they soon would encounter the magic of Utgard Loki.

Robert Etter

Author of "A Devotional: Honoring Thor and Family" and "Thor, Midgard's Veurr, and the Fylgja",
Both together in one book:
Thor, God Of The Common Man

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