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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


He strides doggedly,
his eyes focused on his goal,
straight ahead, always.
he embodies the ideas.

A leader of men,
but strategy a cipher,
his tactics: straight on:
Locomotive powerful
with only one direction.

Deep into the fray
he swings his mighty hammer,
powerful weapon.
The carnage of war is his,
but he enjoys no glory.

Always he’s faithful.
He does what he has to do:
to protect, to guard.
The people depend on him
to conduct business in peace.

He’s quick to anger
at injustices he sees,
quicker to forgive.
He lives as the protector
fulfilled by his holy role.

Bringer of thunder
throwing Mjollnir, the hammer,
wields death to his foes.
He stands upright, walks proudly;
he has a mission he knows.

Copyright © Charles L. Weatherford (PoetryBase),16 May 2002. All rights reserved.

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