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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


You are the son of Odinn,
And the son of Jorth,
Though some might say Frigga is your Mother.

A few months after your birth,
You showed your strength,
By lifting ten bales of Bear Skins,
You were quick to anger,
And flew into fits of rage.

It was not long before the Gods
Had decided to send you to stay with the Giant Vingnir,
And his wife Hlora,
The keepers of Lightning,
They were able to help you control your rage.

When you became a young man,
You traveled back home to Asgard,
The Gods welcomed you back with open arms.

You had proved your worth,
Through might and main,
And you were able to kill,
And drive the Jotuns away,
The Gods made you their protector.

A Hall named Bilskirnir was your reward,
In the land known as Thrudheim,
And a seat among the twelve.

The power of thunder and lightning,
And the rain was yours,
The Folk in Midgard rejoiced at the rain,
And were fearful of the Thunder and lightning,
They made sacrifices and prayed to you.

In time you became the God of the common Folk,
You showed your Fatherly love to the folk,
And you became our Greatest Friend,
And our Protector

Each day when the Gods ride down Bifrost,
To sit in judgement at Urd’s well,
You have to go on foot,
Having to cross the rivers Kormt and Ormt.

It was not long before,
You had met a beautiful maiden,
By the name of Sif,
Soon you were married,
And a daughter was born,
You both called her Thrud.

Though you are father of three sons,
Svadi and Modi and Magni,
From your mistress Jarnsaxa,
And have another daughter named Skin-Beak,
From Queen Eagle-Beak of Jotunheim,
And Sif had a son named Ullr,
From her first marriage,
You all had became a happy family.

It happened that Loki had come to Bilskirnir one night,
While Sif was asleep,
Loki snuck into her room,
He the had cut off all of her hair,
Then Loki had fled,
Upon your return you were enraged,
You knew already who had done such a thing.

Loki was caught,
And brought before the Gods,
He said he could go to the dwarves,
And have them make gold strings so fine,
That it would look like hair,
So the Gods had sent Loki away to the dwarves.

When Loki returned,
Sif was given the strings of gold,
When placed on her head it became as real hair.
At that same time the dwarf Brokk gave you Mjollnir,
The greatest weapon among the Gods.

In your Wagon you ride across the skies,
It is pulled by two giant goats,
They are called Tanngniostr and Tanngrisnir,
When you journey far from Asgard,
At night you slay your goats for food,
Then in the morning,
You make them come alive again,
With your Hammer Mjollnir.

Thunder that we hear,
Is but the turning of the wheels,
Of your Mighty Wagon,
Across the stormy skies.

On one of your journey’s
You traveled to see the Giantess Gridr,
While you were their she gave three gifts,
She gave you Jarngreipr,
So that you cann throw Mjollnir,
And it would always return to your hand.

She gave you Megingjord,
So that when you wore it your strength was redoubled,
She gave you Gridarvolr,
So that you could cross the river Vimur.

After the Aesir and the Vanir war,
The Gods needed a wall built to protect Asgard,
One stranger had come too Asgard,
He said he could such a wall,
But that if he did he wanted Sunna and Mani,
And the fair Goddess Freyja as payment.

The Gods reluctantly agree to let start,
But the stranger was given only a short time complete the job,
Starting of the first day on winter,
The stranger had to have the last stone laid by the first day of summer,
The stranger wanted to use his horse Svadilfari,
Because of Loki the stranger got his way.

The stranger had almost finished the wall,
And the Gods became worried that they might lose Sunna and Mani,
And the fair Goddess Freyja,
But Loki said I can slow him down,
And off he went,
Changing himself into a Mare.

The stranger was not able to complete the wall,
On the day agreed to,
Because his horse Svadilfari had run off,
And becoming angry the stranger,
Showed his true identity,
He was real a rock giant.

Upon discovering this,
Out of Asgard you ran,
And with your Hammer Mjollnir,
You mashed the rock giant’s head in.

Hrungnir the strongest of the giants,
Had with the help of Loki,
Kidnapped your daughter Thrud,
Though she was able to escape from him,.
You never got over your anger,
And thanks to Odinn,
Hrungnir in a drunken stooper,
Agreed to battle,
And you brought an end to his life

The dwarf Alvis had feell in love with Thrud,
While you were away the Gods agreed,
To let the young lovers get married,
When you found out about this you,
You became angry and went to see Alvis.

On finding Alvis,
You had a contest of Knowledge,
You had kept him talking,
Until Sunna rose,
Turning Alvis into stone.

Once the Giant Thrym had stolen Mjollnir,
You had to dress as Freyja,
Uponn the haloowing of the bridge,
By having Mjollnir placed in your lap,
Grabbing the up your Hammer,
You killed the Giants.

Once you had traveled to Utgard-Loki‘s Hall,
Along the way and when you arrived,
You were tricked by the use of magic,
But when Utgard-Loki had told you,
What he did to you,
You had put an end to him,
You have traveled wide and far,
Always you have protected us,
And will always be our friend.

© Robert Etter

Author of "A Devotional: Honoring Thor and Family" and "Thor, Midgard's Veurr, and the Fylgja",
Both together in one book:
Thor, God Of The Common Man

Thor. An illustration from Fredrik Sander's 1893 Swedish edition of the Poetic Edda.
Reprinted with Erik Brate's 1913 translation which in turn is published by Project Runeberg
at http://runeberg.org/eddan/ from where the image is taken.
All works republished by Project Runeberg are in the public domain.

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