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~ Heathen Stories and New Myths ~

Thrud's Abduction

There once was time when Hrungnir,
Strongest of the Giants,
Was down from Jotunheim on a trip,

While riding Gullfaxi in the mountains of Midgard,
He began to hear what sounded like a large battle.

Tying up Gullfaxi and sneaking close,
He could see the raging battle in the plains below,
Men swung and chopped at each other,
All over he could see blood and gore
on the dead laying on the ground.
Hrungnir watched the battle until the dreadful end,
The survivors tending to their wounded kinsmen.

High above in Asgard the Valkyrie's began to ride fast over Bifrost,
Down to Midgard towards the ended battle,

Hrungnir watched them as they came to stop near their chosen warrior,
There was one among the Valkyries,
That really caught Hrungnir's eyes,
Her hair was as red as fire,
He watched her until she rode away.

Back in Jotunheim,
Hrungnir could not keep his mind off the red haired Valkyrie,
Calling upon a few of his kinsmen,
He asked them to go and find Loki,
And bring him to me in this very Hall.

Hrungnir's kinfolk searched for Loki,
Until one day they came upon him,
Catching Loki totally off guard,
Grabbing him they took him to see Hrungnir.

What do you want with me, you big fool, Loki said angrily,
I was wondering if you might be able to help and to advise me on a little
I might be able, said Loki,
Tell me how I can help and advise you, said Loki.

I was wondering if you know of a Valkyrie with hair as red as fire itself? Asked
Smiling Loki, said yes,
I know who she is,
Then tell me her name! said Hrungnir,
She is called Thrud,
She is not only a Valkyrie but also a Goddess,
And a daughter of the Mighty Thor.

The daughter of the great Thunderer himself, said Hrungnir,
What interest do you have in Thrud? asked Loki,
I want her to be my wife and serve me ale in my Hall, said Hrungnir.

Tell me Loki,
What can you advise me on abducting Thrud? asked Hrungnir,
This is the plan I have thought of and I will tell you,
First I will go to Midgard, and turn one brother against the other and cause a
great battle to happen.
Second I will go back to Asgard while the brothers are gather their armies,
I will get the God's to tell me which warrior will be the one that Thrud will
take, said Loki.

Do as I say and all will come to pass in that which you seek, said Loki,
I will return before the battle,
And advise you more,
So you may prepare for the battle.

Time past and just as Hrungnir was about to give up on Loki,
Loki finally showed up,
At Hrungnir's mighty Hall.

The battle has been set,
And will happen soon,
Now this is what you must do, said Loki,
You must take this magic ring that I have,
They will make you look like one of their warriors,
When you have located the warrior,
You must watch him,
For when he falls,
So must you, said Loki.

Loki told Hrungnir how he could find the warrior and what to look for,
Hrungnir made ready to travel,
Taking the rings and what they needed they left Jotunheim and down to Midgard.

The day of battle came,
And Hrungnir was in place,
He stood next to the warrior that Thrud herself would take,
Soon the battle was raging,
The warrior's fate came to him and he was cut down,
Hrungnir fell as well.

He waited and watched,
Soon the Valkyries came riding down from Asgard,
Thrud rode toward her warrior and stopped by him,
Hrungnir saw his chance and took off his ring,
He rapidly returned to his true height and grabbed Thrud,
Hrungnir was up and running to the distant mountains,
Were he hid their Gullfaxi,
Once Hrungnie got bacl to Gullfaxi he tied Thrud's wrists and feet,
Hrungnir then threw her over the side of Gullfaxi,
And then he ran at a fast gallop back toward Jotunheim.

In Asgard the other Valkyries had already returned and related what happened,
Thor became very worried and very angry at the news,
And set out at once in his wagon toward Jotunheim.

Hrungnir did not realize how strong Thrud was,
She was able to break the ropes around her wrists with out him seeing,
Grabbing for a dagger that she hid in her bosoms,
She stabbed Gullfaxi in the left shank of his front leg,
The three went crashing to the ground with a big thud,
Making such a noise,
That Thor himself heard it.

Hrungnir scrambling to his feet,
Saw blood coming from Gullfaxi,
And forgot about Thrud for the moment,
Thrud freed her feet and ran back the other way.

It was not long before Thor saw his daughter running,
He quickly rode toward her,
Stopping his wagon he jumped out and caught Thrud up it a giant bear hug,
Father and daughter safely and happily reunited,
They soon returned back to Asgard,
In time Thrud recovered from her ordeal,
But Thor kept his anger toward Hrungnir for another day.

Robert Etter

Author of "A Devotional: Honoring Thor and Family" and "Thor, Midgard's Veurr, and the Fylgja",
Both together in one book:
Thor, God Of The Common Man

Image: "Sun shines in the Hall", W.G. Collingwood (1854-1932)

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