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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Call 

I am here, Father
you have called me
and I am here

Here where my roots are
in the land beneath the mountains
in the dark woodlands down by the river

Where the graves are
of the noblemen of my tribe
and of its wise women

Where your wind talks to the trees
and carries your ravens to the mountains
where the last of the Old Ones live

I am here, Father
I take possession of my heritage
and I step into the line of my ancestors

I grasp the spear of my will
and I gird myself with the courage of seekers
I draw the runes of power around me

A wanderer I am, just like you
driven by the longing for insight
I chase through the worlds

The fire of my yearning for wisdom
burns my fetters and I rise
your raven eye is with me

I am here, Odin
you have called me
I follow the way that you reveal to me.

Eilthireach, July 2007

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