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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Childish Edda        The Childish Edda MP3 
Tune: "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" by George F. Root, publ. 1864
or "The Ballad of Jesse James" (rec. 1924)

Yggdrasil, where Nine Worlds clash, is a noble piece of ash
That shelters Norns and Gods and all that crew.
There, a Dragon gnaws the base of an Eagle's resting place,
And four Harts, a Goat and Squirrel are there too!

Frigga took a year or so, and, except for mistletoe
Got from everything an oath for Balder's good.
Evil Loki wished him harm, so he hired Hodr's arm,
And the staff the Blind God threw was kissing-wood!

Tyr vowed Fenris-Wolf his hand if he couldn't break the Band
That All-Father's wisdom made both light and hefty...
Lupine muscles strained away, but the magic held its sway--
And from then on, till The Time, they called Tyr "Lefty!"

When Thor went out to fish, he quickly got his wish,
And he hauled a Jormungandr from the bay.
But Hymr cut the cable, and Thor was only able
To brag about "the one that got away..."

When Thor called upon the Giants, they didn't show defiance,
But they soon got rid of him, and of his Hammer!
For the sea he could not swallow, and old Grandmaw beat him hollow,
And the House-Pet caused an awful katzenjammer!

Asa-Thor became a "her" for to repossess Mjollnir,
And unto a frosty brute his troth did plight;
But the vittles that he ate would an army more than sate,
And the chefs at Utgard always rued that night!

Each God's apple every day kept the doctor far away
'Til a Giant captured Idun from their Halls...
Loki fetched home Bragi's Bride, with her health-food store beside,
Plus a char-broiled eagle underneath the walls!

Odin said to Mim: "I think I would sort of like a drink."
Answered Mim: "That will cost you your left eye! 
For you've come up very late to the Well at Wisdom's Gate
And the set-up prices, after hours, are high!"

Oh, the Giants brought their war up to Bifrost's very door
And the battling wrecked Asgard's perfect clime--
Jormungandr, Hel and Fenris dealt out death in doses generous
And, in fighting, did the Aesir pass the time!

Poul Anderson (1926-2001) & Ron Ellik

Part of the Internet Book of Shadows.

MP3 recording/voice: Michaela Macha

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