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The Oath

Frigga, Asgard's queen,
Who spinneth for the Norns, some say,
An oath I swear to thee this day.
My vow I take not lightly.

If heathen husband there
Amongst my life-threads thou shouldst find,
To him my soul and fate I'll bind.
Our lives be woven tightly.

And if this come to pass,
To thee I'll dedicate my life,
That I as mother and as wife
My home may tend arightly.

Bairns, if ever be,
To live our heathen troth I'll teach;
To honor thee in deeds and speech.
Our future shineth brightly.

Analemma McKee-Schwenke

This document may be freely distributed and copied for non-commercial purposes
provided it is copied in its entirety, including copyright notice and this statement.

Image: Carlshamns Commersen (http://www.commersen.se)

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