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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


I stand my watch with shield and spear,
A short sword by my side.
I peer into the dark and mist,
And wonder what they hide.
I see their eyes, hear muffled growls,
And see the bushes move.
I pray they don't come upright and armed,
I hope they're only wolves.

There's shock and awe and madness,
There's death and fire and pain.
Soldiers fight men that fight like wolves
(Or wolves that fight like men).
All wearing armor will be killed,
The women will be enslaved.
There's prayer to God, and roars to Gods,
Until the horror wanes.

"They were only women folk,
Children and old men.
We weren't there to stop you,
But you won´t do it again.
Now look about you, general,
Your encampment´s laid to waste;
Look in my eyes before you die,
Vengeance is my name."

© Vargr the OutLander

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