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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Riding across the sky
on your golden bristled boar,
light flows behind you
a carpet that floods the land.
Your skin smells of flowers and earth
as though perfumed by Spring and Summer,
you tempt me to touch you,
to taste the very sky
that is reflected in your eyes.
I fall fast and deep,
as though the well has placed itself
here just for me,
a well of emotions,
a well of plenty,
matched by your horn,
bringer of peace,
hunter within the forest,
your step is light and lithe
as one who leads the Alfar.
I am given to awe as I see them rise,
rise out of the mounds
in the glittering light of day
and dance for joy,
tumbling and laughing,
singing and squealing as given to themselves
as any can be.
You stand among them solemn
yet filled with the greatest love of all.

From out of the woods comes your love,
snow white arms, hair of spun gold,
eyes the green of the land.
Then do you fall to your knees,
in honest supplication
to the one for whom
ever you will give up everything
and all for, your heart, your sword,
your very being.
Your arms meet in passionate embrace,
king and queen do you become,
heart beat matching heartbeat,
you whirl together to the song of those around
they sing, clapping a joy filled tune.
The more wild that the dance becomes
so then creation seems also to take place,
whimsy is rule of the day,
as it rules the heart of lovers everywhere.

Winter knows no place where you wander together.
When you cease your dance,
panting for breath, sweat upon your cheeks,
hair wild with electricity, faces flushed,
your lips meet with such intensity brides blush.
Limbs entwine as Freyr and Gerd find their pleasure
in one another.
In the end, never was greater love known.

Ayla Wolffe

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