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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Vanaheim Invocation

Hail to the Green World of the Vanir!
Hail to the Realm of Growth, of Earth
Sacred and fed with blood, springing forth
Abundance and plenty to feed many worlds!
Hail to the spring flowers that bloom,
Hail to the summer fruits that globe on tree and vine,
Hail to the golden grain ripening in the fields,
Hail to the winter of peaceful slumber
And preparation for the next perfect spring!
Hail to the devouring earth that is Nerthus,
Lady of the blood-soaked soil!
Hail to the teeming seas that wash the shore,
Sailed by fine Njord of the salt winds,
Domain of Aegir and Ran of the great waves
And their nine sharp-nailed daughters!
Hail to the spring fields where flowers
Bloom in Freyja's bare footsteps!
Hail to the grain that is cut with the sickle
As Frey's blood nourishes the soil!
Hail to the Gods of Abundance, of green,
Of lust and death, of the mysteries of the cycle,
And may they bless us with joy and understanding
In equal measure.

From the "Pagan Book of Hours",
Order of the Horae


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