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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


With Me In Every Thought

I awake in the morning to Dellingr's glow
Enjoy breakfast with his bright son Dag
Finish my coffee admiring the face of Sunna
By noon been amazed a hundred times by Mother Jord.

To every destination I walk side by side with Thor
My every thought mingled with Odin's wisdom
I smile knowing Freyja is in my heart
My concious wiped clean by Balder's goodness.

In every child's eyes I see Mother Frigga.
The laughter of lovers a reminder of Freyr and Gerd
In tears of pain I see Nanna's anguish
In the devoted I have visions of faithful Sigyn.

Nott takes my hand as darkness falls
But Mani's glow guides my way home
I sleep in comfort watched over by Heimdall
And dream of the golden halls of Gimle.

Glenn Bergen, 2012

A Follower Of  The Old Ways

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