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Canaday, Loraine

* May our Warriors be Strong  

Campbell, Dan
(Daniel T.)
* Wod Won, Winning Wise  
* Blot to Frey and Freya
* Hail, Odin

Campbell, Erich 
* Wodan's Man
* Wanderer's Questions
* Heill Woden !

Carlson, Justin 
* Odin 

* The Nature of Things

Celestial Elf
* The Mead of Poetry

Chapman-Bell, Philip Craig
* Hrodulf the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Cipra, James Arthur
* Words

Clare, Victoria
* Motherīs Night

Coleman, Alexis 
* Little Drummer Boy
* O Come, All Ye Faithful

Conway, D.J. 

* Prayer to Odin

Cook, Robert 
* Stand up for Odin

Cooke, Angela "Ember"
* Freya's Ragnarok
* Invocation to Ostara

* Prayer to Odin

Covington, Patrick
* Hail to Jord

Crocker, Rob 
* Ragnarok  
* Heimdall  
* I am  
* Egil Skallagrimsson  
* Frith  

Cyr, Jonathan 
* Bright Shield 
* Blood on the Ground  
* Freyja  
* Go as your Fathers Go  
* Unmoveable One  
* Collecting Maple Sap at Ravenstead
* Lakeside Hunter

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