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~ Special Themes ~


The Poetry Duel

The challenge is to write a poem on the same central idea / core subject as your opponent. 
Variations on style, length, and different interpretations of the theme are allowed. 
Everybody wins, and thereīs no time limit. Do you want to join us here ? 
Pick one of the themes that have been tackled (or suggest a new one) and go ahead!
Send me your work and I will post it here.

Ongoing Poetry Duels:

* Tyr, God of the Morning Michaela Macha 
* Tyr of the Old World Matthias Wilson

* Prelude to Battle Matthias Wilson

* Word-War Michaela Macha 

* Mead-Fire M.C. Daimler
* Soul-Stirrer
Michaela Macha 
* Inspiration Divine Matthias Wilson
* Odinīs Gift Michael Schütz

* Ratatosk Michaela Macha 
* The Furry Ears of Yggdrasil Matthias Wilson

* Echoes Matthias Wilson
* Ripples Michaela Macha 

* Timeless Michaela Macha 
* Soulīs Ebb and Flow Matthias Wilson

* The Weavers Matthias Wilson
* The Norns Michaela Macha 

* Starkadīs Fate Michaela Macha 
* Kindling Fortune Matthias Wilson

Image: From 123RF, used under Standard License.


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