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In crystal halls his head
Rears Ægir, Ran’s stem spouse;
A silver helmet red
With coral guards his brows;
His beard, of ocean weeds,
His spear with amber deck’d,
And pearls, but shew he needs,
And the proud waves are check’d.

The emblem of his sway
When lifts the watery god—
Quick sinks the raging sea,
Obedient to his rod;
His pearly muscle throne,
In Hlesey may be seen;
Has daughters nine by Ran,
Three are the billows green.

From Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger
(1779-1850)    Short Biography of Adam Oehlenschläger

Translation by Grenville Pigott, in "A Manual of Scandinavian Mythology, Containing a
Popular Account of the Two Eddas and of the Religion of Odin" (London, 1839)