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~ Historical & Classical Poetry ~

A Runic Ode.
Taken from the Second volume of Sr. Wm. Temple's Miscellanies.


Yes — 'tis decreed my Sword no more
Shall smoke and blush with hostile Gore;
To my great Father's Feasts I go,
Where luscious Wines for ever flow,
Which from the hollow Sculls we drain
Of Kings in furious Combat slain.


Death, to the Brave a blest Resort,
Brings us to awful Odinīs Court;
Where with old warriors mix'd we dwell,
Recount our Wounds, our Triumphs tell;
Me, will they own as bold a Guest
As e'er in Battle bared my Breast.

Thomas Warton the elder (1688?-1745)

English clergyman, schoolmaster, and second professor of poetry at Oxford.

Published in: "
Poems on several Occasions by the Rev. Thomas Warton, London, 1748."