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Hail Day       Hail Day MP3 (0,6 MB)

Hail day,
hail the sons of day,
hail to the night and daughter of night.
With eyes of kindness
look upon us
and give to us who sit here victory.

Hail the Aesir,
hail Asynjur,
hail to the all-giving earth.
Fair speech and wisdom
give to us famous ones
and healing hands as long as we live.

Text: Elder Edda, Sigrdrifumįl
Musik inspired by Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson, adapted by Victoria Gotved.
Performance, soundfile Michaela Macha.


Old Norse original:

Heill dagr.
Heilir dags synir.
Heil nótt ok nift.
Óreišum augum
lķtiš okkr žinig

ok gefiš sitjöndum sigr.

Heilir ęsir.
Heilar įsynjur.
Heil sjį in fjölnżta fold.
Mįl ok mannvit
gefiš okkr męrum tveim
ok lęknishendr, mešan lifum.

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