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~ Historical & Classical Poetry ~

                Njord and Skade

Njord hated Thrym-heim as she did Noatun, and with heavy heart he sang:

I am weary of the mountains,
  The barren plains and lone,
And dismal chasms of the winds
  Where fettered demons groan;
I am weary of the forests
  And the wolves that howl by night,
For I love the singing of the swans
  Upon the ocean bright,
The flash of oars on boundless seas
  And billows plunging white.

In the kingdom of Njord did Skade sing:

O never mine eyes are closed in sleep
  On my lonesome couch by the sea,
For the clamour the restless seagulls keep
  Is weary and strange to me.
I pine for my mountains free, and the woods,
  For the snow-clad plains and the chase;
And I hate the cold-lipped shore that broods
  In the shifting sea's embrace.

So Skade parted with Njord and went towards her ancient home, from which she never returned.

Excerpt from: TEUTONIC MYTH AND LEGEND, by Donald A. Mackenzie (1873-1936)