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Olav Tryggvason - Scene 1

Unfinished opera (3 scenes) by Bjørnson, 
music 1873 by Edvard Grieg (1843-1907, Norwegian composer)

Hidden in many magic names,
giver of Runes and Galdr !
You who went forth from the world´s beginning,
you who look at life from Hlidskjalf:

All Men
Hear us! Hear us!

A Woman
Motherly Frigga,
you who grieved for Balder,
you who bear the world´s woe in your breast!
You who console Odin,
you who nourish everything,
who rear life and sorrow in Fensalir:

All Women
Hear us! Hear us!

Thrudvang´s Hlorride, Bilskirnir´s flame,
master of power belt and hammer,
shield of the Aesir and of the Norsemen´s descendants,
Jotunheim´s dread for all time:

All Men
Hear us! Hear us!

Njord´s beautiful grieving daughter,
silent widow, Vanir-goddess,
lover´s distress taught you loss itself!
Our tears of sorrow
now mingle with yours:
to you belongs half of the earth!

All Women
Hear us! Hear us!

Heimdall with the horn, Ull in Ydalir,
Njord in the northern lands, hear us!
Alfheim´s joy, sadness of Landvik,
long-whiskered singer, and you, Tyr:

All Men
Hear us! Hear us!

Ever youthful Idun,
Sif in the golden meadows,
Saga of Sokkvabekk, Skadi in the fells,
all true Asynjur,
Vanir´s kin, Valkyries,
hear now our grief, visit the earth!

All Women
Hear us! Hear us!

Other gods have come,
powerful gods! Triumphant gods!
Help us, help us, Midgard trembles:
Only gods can stand against gods!

all kneel

You, who from Urd´s fountain
pour the power of life over the world,
you who alone know the will
of the god in golden-roofed Gimle;
you who softly in Odin´s ear
whisper every day that dawns,
you who were before the world was
and who will still be when all is naught:
show, show to our Disir
the way to the god we await!
Hear us!

- End of Scene 1 -


Image: "Offerscene", J.L. Lund