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The Hardy Norseman            The Hardy Norseman MP3
The Hardy Norseman PDF Sheet Music for voice and piano
The hardy Norseman's house of yore
Was on the foaming wave!
And there he gathered bright renown,
The bravest of the brave.
Oh! ne'er should we forget our sires,
Wherever we may be;
They bravely won a gallant name,
And rul'd the stormy sea.

What tho our pow'r be weaker now
Than it was wont to be,
When boldly forth our fathers sail'd,
And conquer'd Normandie!
We still may sing their deeds of fame,
In thrilling harmony;
For they did win a gallant name
And rul'd the stormy sea.

Words and music: Norse Traditional

Song mentioned
in "Forest scenes in Norway and Sweden: being extracts from the journal of a fisherman",
Henry Garrett, 1855, who states in the introduction: "The songs which are put into the mouths
of the different characters, are really Norwegian or Swedish, and are given as specimens.
They are translations by Hewitt, Forester, Knightley, and others."

Song also mentioned 1863 in the "South Australian Register" newspaper.

New lyrics to the known tune were written by William Morris, England, 1878.

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