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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


At a gathering in Scotland in 2005, certain Heathens sang an affectionate tribute to Wicca called "Coven in the Sky".
At the same gathering this year, a Wiccan retaliated with an equally affectionate tribute to Heathenry.
The Gods only know what's likely to happen next year.......

Away In A Longship                                  Away in a Manger Midi
Tune: "Away in a Manger", sung badly off-key          Sheet music

Away in a longship like Erik the Red
The bold Neo-Heathens through Midgard are led
With Penguin translations of sagas in hand
You'll find clumps of Heathens all over this land

I'm a Neo-Heathen and terribly proud
My ritual performance is fervent and loud
The path that I follow goes back through the years
Where I met many Gods and a thousand strange beers

I'm proud of my kindred, I've pride in my name
But I wish my dear parents would show me the same
Amongst all the Heathens I'm known as Thorgrim
But my mother and father still call me Young Tim

I don't like the Wiccans, I view them with scorn
I'd never work skyclad though I've got a big horn
The reason I'm hostile I will not discuss
'Cos it's just that they've been around longer than us

I argue at pub-moots, I argue on lists
That we are the only True Polytheists
Although I'm not Christian our faiths are akin
In viewing duotheism as a cardinal sin

I keep the traditions of my Nordic homeland
For I shop at IKEA and think Abba are grand
My path's reconstructed, as you'll read in my blog
It blends Saxo and Snorri with Noggin the Nog

John Macintyre 2006

Tune: "Away in a Manger" by James Ramsey Murray (1841-1905)

Midi & sheet music used with permission of William Wallace, Apex, North Carolina WWW.EASYBYTE.ORG (defunct)

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