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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Viking's Homecoming

Our boat is full of loot and riches
As we sail homeward through the Fjord.
Starboard yay and port, it pitches,
Soon we’ll savor our reward.

Many battles won on this campaign,
My sword is badly in need of grinding.
Many good men were lost in vane,
Valhalla now, those souls are finding.

My good friend Halgren is among the dead,
True and straight a man, was he.
His widow Gurine will mourn with dread,
To the Valkryie maids...wed now is he.

Onward longship, straight and steady,
bring us to our family fire.
blow harder wind, for I am ready,
To taste again of womans desire.

Songs of valor, songs of praise,
Do await us at the fire.
Then on the morrow, we will stand and gaze,
at brave dead Halgrens funeral pyre.

In the distance there I see the glow,
twelve big fires burning.
The smell of mutton on the coals,
to greet us at our returning.

© Alf Herigstad


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