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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ballad to Odin 

Roaming dusk-red woods and far-strewn fields
Through mottled and shade-cold shores.
Under cloaked mountains deep secrets sought
Your journey timeless and terrible.

You rose blood-worn your eyes well-wise
You led the horrid host.
Ever thew-thirsty your rage need-wrought
and yet I trust your gaze.

The runic rites you gathered grim
The world your heart-heavy burden.
In dream-dark mist and stave-dark rist
You named me as your son.

I call you godhwynn, you dread sovereign!
Rain down wyrd-mead and wod!
From battle-brave fury to final death-whisper
Unveil what redes to heed
Reveal what runes to heed.

© Erik Goodwyn

"Goodwyn" (godhwynn or god-friend) is a Saxon name. Saxons and Angles both frequently listed
Odin (Woden) as their mythic ancestor from at least as early as the 8th century, according to Bede.

Poetic form: Ljóðaháttr (Song Meter), with a little galdralag at the end

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