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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

BattleReaver's Remembrance

On this hill I make a stand,
Though the enemy rings me ‘round.
I swear to stain the very sand.

As blood from war abounds
I raise my sword to clang my shield,
My battle cry rings full sound,

And loose my ax more foes to kill.
If assault me here they dare,
I ride on battle's angry hard thrill.

Let those who'd live beware.
A berserker rage engulfs me now.
I'm the cause of widows who despair.

Before my body dies many more will bow.
I sing my death song, with a love of life.
Skald's remembrance I thus endow.

© Jackie Hannigan  May 9, 2003    

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Poetic form: Terza Rima

Image: Illustration from "Siegfried von Xanten" by Willi Fahrmann, Arena, 1998


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