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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Blood Bonds

Howling with the Wolf
Hunting with the Bear
Sleeping in the trees
Having no fear

The lights of the town
They are not my own
The boiling of my blood
The violence in my bones

I hear the cat creep
I see the grass grow
The roots of a mountain
The caw of a crow

The forest it calls
The sea my heart stirs
The highlands are home
My clothes are the furs

The creatures my friends
The spirits my kin
The Gjallarhorn will sound
The battles I win

The Gods they are watching
Being kinsmen on high
When my Orlog has faded
To Valholl will I fly

Mead I am drinking
Sword I am hefting
Shield I am swinging
Flesh I am cleaving

Victory I am granted
The flames leaping high
The longship is laden
I row with a sigh 

North I am sailing
Homeward I go
Westward now rowing
To Land of Blood and Snow

Tilling the land
Fattening the kine
To Yulefest we ride
Kinsmen we find

Blood Bonds between us
Tie us by soul
Kith and Kin mine
In our blood do we know

We farm in the Spring
We harvest in Fall
The snow clouds they come
We Winter in hall

In Summer we sail
Southeast for to trade
When Christmen refuse us
On them do we prey

Hammerhearts from the North
On the sea we are kings
None stand before us
For death do we bring 

They say we are wrong
Convert do they cry
To the Old Gods I cling
Rather than turn I will die

Many will come with me
Easy I'll not go
Against them I'm sailing
Against them I row

The Christ King is fading
Odhinn is at hand
Thorr he protects us
In this our new land

Thorr has won
The victory is ours
The stranger has lost
His followers cower

"Never again!" I yell
At the top of my lungs
It has taken many lifetimes
We have finally won

Hildulf Hlorrithisson     The Ulfar Gardhr

Image: "Sigmund wins Notung", Arthur Rackham, 1910

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