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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Blot to Frey and Freya

Priest and Priestess:

Hail Frey!
farmer's friend, generous to all,
rich Lord of the green barrow,
fair Gerd's lusty lover,
Njord's son who sails in Skidhbladnir,
swiftest of ships;
You who roam out from Elf-home,
you who laid low Beli,
you who are borne on the back
of the Golden-bristled boar.
Fro Ing!
We welcome you, god of the world,
and ask your blessings
of peace and plenty.

Hail Freya!
fierce and passionate,
first mistress of the slain,
golden Lady, Njord's daughter,
Frey's sister and Odin's equal,
lover of Love and life's pleasures;
You who host the hall in Folkvang,
who fare forth radiant
as the summer's midnight sun.
Fairest Freya!
wise in witchcraft,
We welcome you, goddess of ecstasy,
and ask your blessings
of fulfillment and fruitfullness.

2005 Daniel T. Campbell

The spoken parts for the 'priest' and 'priestess' are copyright 2005, by Daniel T. Campbell, some rights reserved. Permission is granted to the reader to copy, distribute, perform, and/or display the text, provided that:
the text is not put to commercial use, the original author is given credit when the text is used,
and this copyright statement accompanies any printed or published portion of this text, online, in print,
or in other media formats.

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